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Pachacuti, also known as Pachacutec was the 9th Sapa Inca (Ruler of the Incas). His name means: “He who remakes the world” or “He who reforms the world”. Pachacuti was not supposed to be the new Sapa Inca but during the war against their major rival, “The Chancas”, Neither Viracocha (Sapa Inca before Pachacuti & Pachacuti’s father) or Urco (Successor & brother of Pachacuti) were seen and Pachacuti took charge and gave the Incans a famous victory. Legend has it that the Incans fought so ruthlessly that even the stones started to fight for them. After that victory Pachacuti was decided the Sapa Inca.

To extend his fairly small empire, Pachacuti had one major tactic: Surrender and join our empire or face the army and lose your land by force. With Pachacuti, the empire became the most powerful in the region (for that time). He also had (created) the most powerful army of the region for that time.

 In his time as the Sapa Inca, Pachacuti gave orders to build about 4000 km of stone roads. He also had relocation programs in which people were moved to all the corners of the Empire. Some sources state that Machu Picchu dates from the time of Pachacuti (around 1462). Some other sources suggest that the (new) city plans for Cuzco were made during his time. The great Sun temple of Coricancha was also built during his time. Because of his successes as an Emperor he is nicknamed “The Napoleon of the Andes” and “The Earth Shaker”.

In his life besides a very successful emperor he was a poet and one of his more famous works is called “The Sacred Hymns of Situa”. He also had a wife who was called Mama Anawarkhi or Coya Anahurque. He had 2 sons named Amaru and Tupac. Tupac was the one who was the Sapa Inca after his father.

In 1471, Pachacuti died due to a terminal illness.

Overall Pachacuti was an excellent emperor, great poet and a person truly loved by his native country.





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