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Spanish Conquest

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By: Dhevian Segaran


The Spanish Conquest to the Inca




After years of exploration, only 180 Spanish soldiers under the control of Francisco Pizarro conquered the entire Incan empire. Some may have died from sickness or past diseases. The ambushed the Incan emperor Atahualpa, and captured him in the year 1532. But that was only the first step until they would be able to conquer the mightiest empire in the Americas. Soon Spain ruled the Incan empire.



At the moment Francisco Pizarro arrived at the shores of Thubes the Inca had already been weakened by their own feuds. Two of the emperor’s sons Huascar and Atahualpa have been fighting to see who will be the next emperor. Usually the emperor chooses but because of smallpox the Sapa Inca died as with the emperor. So then the Inca civil war started where the two brothers fought until Atahualpa was named the emperor. When Francisco along with his brothers, Gonzalo, Juan, and Hernando. They were amazed at how great the Inca capital was. But when they entered into Cajamarca they were surrounded by roughly 50,000 Incan warriors. They were about to attack the Spanish until Francisco asked to have a meeting with their emperor. Atahualpa accepted to have a talk but with the bodyguards unarmed. Accepting Pizarro’s offer was the worst choice Atahualpa made. Because Pizarro knew that if he had the emperor he would have the whole empire and all the riches it held. Pizarro ripped of Atahualpa’s golden head band, and ordered all his men to attack everyone in Cajamarca’s town square. Atahualpa tried to bargain with Pizarro for his life. So he showed Pizarro a room filled with gold, roughly around 17 feet by 22 feet by 9 feet. After showing Pizarro the room Atahualpa was murdered.



In the picture it shows Pizarro's men SLAUGHTERING the Inca


Although Pizarro seemed to destroy the entire Incan empire by himself. Some people such as Atahualpa and Huascar and all of Francisco’s brothers. The Incan emperors helped by weakening their city with their little civil war. While Francisco and his brothers contributed by destroying the empire and bringing it to the ground. This was the Spanish conquest to the Inca.





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