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inca religion article

the inca religion was based on the worship of nature. they worshiped the gods of nature their ancestors, their king, the dead, . the sun god(inti) was there most important god because he was said to provide warmth and light and he was also protecter of the people. the incas also worshiped the dead.

sacrifices were the most important form of worship. the capacocha ceremony involved sacrifices. it would be preformed to celebrate the death of an emperor, the birth of a royal son, a victory in war or an annual event. they would use the capacocha ceremony to prevent natural disasters like earthquakes droughts etc. the ceremony often lasted for several days. the inca would demand tribute of gold, silver,shell cloth, feathers, llamas,alpacas and boys and girls between the ages of 4 and 10 years old. the ceremony would include feasting and ritual events. the offerings to the gods would be made at a major shrine. a boy and a girl would also be sacrificed by either being suffocated, hit on the head, or being buried alive.

the incas had a festival every month. on december they held initiation ceremonies for noble sons. on january they celebrated the small ripening, and on march they celebrated the big ripening. april was the month of the dancing of young maize, a white llama would be groomed and covered in fine clothes and gold ornaments, and was paraded in the plaza in front of a large gathering. in may there were festivals all over the empire to celebrate the month of harvest. june was the month of the sun festival. it was the most important in the inca ceremony, the incas believe that the sun was holding this event and the nobles were his guests. all the nobles dressed in there best and wore all the ornaments they owned. july was the month of earth purification, in this month priests would preform sacrifices at huacas. august was the month of everyones purification. sacrifices were sent to cusco from the four provinces of the empire. september was a dry month and the queens festival, in this month people prayed for rain to grow crops. in november there was the festival of the dead. at the festival of the dead the incas would take out the  dead from their crypts ,and they put clothes on them. they also gave them food through burnt offerings and drinks. dead kings would help the living kings of that time on important decisions and other matters of state.



This is a sculpture of the sun god Inti








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