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Weapons and Warfare

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Incas weapons and warfare

The Incas was the largest empire in South America but soon the empire fell. The reason the empire fell was because the Spanish. You would have thought that being the largest empire I South America it would have defeated the Spanish but it was not so.



The Incas was a huge empires in south America. The empire fell as fast as it rose. Their weapons were not very sophisticated. Their weapons consisted of slings, used to hurl rocks at the enemy,  Bronze and copper spears and axes and boleaders. These weapons were near to useless against the weapons of the Spanish. Their armor wasn’t that effective. The Incas had heavy woolen tunics called Onka’s. They had square or circular bronze shields.


One of the things that led the Incas to power was their Officer Corps. There were three types of corps. The “Chugacamaya” commanded a group of 10 men to war. A “Pichu Chungacamayoc” commanded a group of 50 men and a “Hatun Apu” commanded a group of 5,000 men. Sometimes they fought alone and other times they fought together. They would be used to divide the enemy. Divide and Conquer. That was their main strategy


That is how the  Incas fell to the Spanish. We only have monuments and pieces from their life to remind us. Those are the great weapons and armor of the Incas. This led to the great Inca empire and their downfall.


Inca Mace.



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