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Civil War

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The Inca Civil War




     Many empires through out history have out class other empires; The Incas were the biggest empire to ever rise in South America. Till today many historians question their ancestors the Maya and Aztecs 2 alike civilization.

As the Inca Empire started an emperor had took the risk to lead the Incan empire. He had 2 sons Huascar and Atahualapa both 2 brothers who had want to make their father proud. But after the death of their father capac, the 2 brothers were waiting for this day, a day to rise and lead their empire. But there could only be one.

      There for the Inca civil war had started. While the war started, the Spanish had taken the civil as an easy conquest. They used it to their advantage. But soon the government had issues and no agreements, later on the government had fell down and many problems begun.

     Conflicts kept on building hate and betray was a very common thing to the Inca. The Inca Empire started to separate, and another great empire down fall had begun. While the Inca empire started to separate in half both of the halves had chosen there two leaders. Huascar and Atahualapa, two brothers who hate each other and will do anything to get there hand s on each other.

While the biggest empire that had formed in southern America started to separate it was a big advantage to the Spanish, in this time period the Spanish were clever enough to action very quickly. Which meant they were going to finish there conquest and take over southern America.

      The Incas empire 100-year parade of ruling will be stopped. It uses to be 200,000 soldiers now turn into 100,000 against 100,000 fair and even fight. Capac died as a good emperor, and he had two sons only one would could be the emperor.  From 1525 to 1532 the Civil war had begun and ended. It had turned out that Huascar had died from being executed from the Spanish army. And even after the war Atahualapa was captured and had realized that that the Spanish were only in South America to take gold and silver.

     Now the Spanish were completely dominant and no empire dared to attack them because they knew that the Spanish can rip them and tare them apart. The Spanish had the chance and had collected all their lamas, gold, silver, copper, ceramic pots, and warfare equipment.

     Therefore it had turned out that neither side had won but the winners were the Spanish. By using the advantage they had reached their final stop of the Spanish conquest.





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