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Art  Architecture

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                                                Inca Art And Architecture



     The unique characteristics of Inca’s architecture are shown via the Inca building that are normally shaped rectangular. The Incas normally use fieldstones to build their buildings. Incas usually build two-story buildings. Their buildings have no internal walls and it has a roof made out of wooden sticks. The Incas cut the fieldstones so perfectly that even a blade of grass cannot fit through the space between them, that is precisely how meticulous their work is done. The Inca’s architecture was the most impressive compared to the rest of the pre-Columbian architecture in South America.



    Firstly, an example we can use to represent the implementation of Inca art & architecture into daily life is their renowned and extensive road system. A high road bypassed the higher regions of the Cordillera from North to South, and another lower North-South road crosses the coastal plains. Minor crossroads also existed, and these merged major highways together at various locations. These detailed road systems went through deep valleys and over mountains, it went through snow, it went through rivers, it went through a lot that Mother Nature set on Earth.



     The Incas were also well known for their fantastic craftsmanship. They were fine craftsmen of gold, and also silver. On the other hand, gold was known as sweat of the sun to them. The Incas were also famous for their ceramic artworks. The ceramics had various pattern painted then including birds and geometric patterns. The Inca art expression goes from music, textile, carving stone, carving wood, metallurgy art and even poetry


      The Inca used to live in mountainous terrains, therefore worsened the crop plantation conditions. With the advancement of technology, they have solved this obstacle by cutting terraces into steep slopes. Known as andenes. Their advancement in architecture also helped in their transport because they had both stable road and stable stone buildings that certainly progressed and impressed. The complexity of the Incas culture has been underestimated by many investigator and archeologist.



      The Inca technology has good understanding of mathematics, agriculture, advanced development of crops, medicine, hydraulics, astronomy, architecture and military strategy.



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